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6 Steps to Growing Your Business- and benefit a Charity!

Do you want to make more money?
Do you want control of your time?
Do you want to find and keep good people on your team?

You’ll Learn Specific Ideas and Systems at 6 Steps to Growing Your Business
How to work ON your business instead of IN your business
• How to take immediate control of the time you spend at your business
• How to turn your advertising and marketing into an investment instead of an expense
• How to get back thousands of dollars in lost profits
• How to recruit, motivate, educate, and retain exceptional employees
• How to leverage your time to maximize efficiency and profits
• How to systemize your business to provide consistent, exceptional customer service
• How to get the quality of life that you started your business for in the first place!

Come to the seminar and learn “6 Steps to Growing Your Business.” You owe it to yourself to invest some of your time learning how your business can reach its full potential.

10,000+ business owners in 26 countries trust ActionCOACH to help them get
control of their time, earn more money, build better teams and get more out of life!

March 26, 2009
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Cost: Special Early Bird Registration Fee
$79.00 plus GST
(after March 13 – $109.00 plus GST)
10% of all ticket revenue will be donated to the Children’s Stollery Hospital
Location: Chateau Louis Conference Centre
(Roseberry room on the lower level)
11727 Kingsway Ave,
Edmonton, Alberta

Register online at
Fax the registration form
to 1-866-243-1654, or
Call 780-478-0790
to guarantee your place

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All You Have to Do Is ASK!!

When it comes to sales your customers quite literally have all the answers. Have you ever answered a question with a question? Would that be making a difference to your conversion rate? The answer to the latter is most definitely yes! Asking questions not only increases your conversion rate, but builds rapport with your customer and ensures that the sale becomes their idea and not yours. It’s all about active listening, and with questions you are remaining in control of the conversation. Once you find yourself doing all the talking you are no longer in control. Just remember that person asking the questions sets the direction for the conversation. If the customer is dominating the conversation by asking you questions make sure you answer the question with a question. However, try to vary the questions that you ask. And of course, don’t get crazy with it, know when to draw the line!

Questions can guide consumer interest, discover a need and give accurate information. There are two commonly known types of questioning-open ended and closed questions

Open-ended questions are an excellent way to ensure customer involvement in the conversation and are key to identifying not only what they need but a lot about themselves.

Examples are:
Who are you buying the product/service for?
How often would you use the product/service?
What features were you looking for in this product/service?

Closed questions tend to get one word answers- yes or no. They can be used to gather information quickly not unlike a check list, and can also be used when confirming a buying details and help confirm the sale.

Whatever way you pose them, pose questions and often and you’ll see great conversion rates. Got it?

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