Starting Your Own Business? Good, now Where do You Begin?

A friend of mine in Las Vegas sent me this article yesterday:

I was NOT surprised to read something like this, or that so many people find it tough being on their own.

As one of the experts notes–“People see it as an opportunity to be their own boss, then we have to give them the facts of life.”


Starting your own business is just that: the chance to be the boss. The problem? No one to pass the buck to!

For instance, let’s say you work for a large corporation we’ll call BIG. You don’t like it much at BIG, but the pay is regular, every two weeks, whether BIG is having a good or bad quarter, earnings are up or down, or their customers are paying on time. You might have money problems….but that’s probably because you’re living outside your means. BIG pays you on time, every other Thurs, like clockwork.

Now imagine having money problems when you have no idea when, or sometimes even if, you will be paid. This is the hidden stress people don’t see about ‘Being The Boss.’ Say you have a small printing press & a client owes you $100 for a minor printing job you did for them last week. Money is due today. But they haven’t paid. You call. They’re not in.

You take a deep, deep breath & wait until Monday. You call again. “Oh, accounts payable is off this week. I can take a message?”

Everyone who has ever owned a business has a hundred stories like these. It’s among the reasons why so many new businesses fail.

So I applaud this story in the Las Vegas paper &  I am very glad the local chamber of commerce is doing everything they can.

And while I’m at it, I also applaud the fact that so many businesses realise they could use some help. I encourage all of those owners, small, middle or large, to look into hiring an ActionCOACH if it’s within their means. (Our plans are flexible & very affordable.) One, a coach has been there before & knows EXACTLY what you are going through. That’s a tremendous help in itself, since so many people have no idea how tough it is. Two, a coach can bring your business the one thing you can’t: an outsider’s perspective.

This is the crucial aspect. Even tennis expert Pete Sampras had a coach. You think: why would he need one? He won so many majors. But he had one precisely because he needed someone other than Pete Sampras to analyse his game. It’s why even professionals in baseball have batting coaches & first-rate hockey players have skating instructors.

It’s no different in business & all the most successful businesses have thrived with the benefit of coaching. I urge you to check out our site!

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