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$30.00 buys 11 meals for the hungry in Edmonton- why you need to attend our 6 Step Seminar

Did you know that $30.00 will buy 11 meals for the hungry and homeless people of Edmonton?

On November 16th at 7:00pm, ActionCOACHes Brad Prince and Laurie McNaughton will be presenting our extremely successful 6 Steps to a Better Business Seminar and proceeds of the event will be going to the HOPE MISSION. This seminar will cost 29.99. That will buy 11 meals for the homeless. If we can fill this room with 30 people- that’s$900.00- going to help our community. I GUARANTEE you will walk away with some amazing best practices to immediately help your business and a great feeling of giving back to your community.
Here is what the 6 Step includes:

The 6 Steps to a Better Business Presentation
addresses the following topics:

How to work on your business instead of IN your business
How to take immediate control of the time you spend at your business
How to turn your advertising and marketing in to an investment instead of an expense
How to get back thousands of dollars in lost profits
How to recruit, motivate, educate and retain exceptional employees
How to leverage your time to maximize efficiency and profits
How to systemize your business to provide consistent exceptional customer service
How to get the quality of life that you started your business for in the first place

The Six Steps outline

1. Mastery– which focuses on building up a commercial enterprise, making sure the business delivers profit and productivity with enough information to make great decisions.

2. Niche– Creating a predictable cash flow for the business and operating from a position where the business has no price competition

3. Leverage-where systems are implemented at all levels of the company

4. Team– provides ownership with a structure for growth

5 & 6- Synergy Leading to Results– giving the owner a variety of options he or she may never considered.

When going through the process of the 6 steps, your audience will benefit from applying these methods to Increase Sales and will walk away with ideas and strategies to implement into their business plans immediately.

“I wanted to thank you for bringing in Action Coaching. This morning’s session was very helpful. The presenter was a good speaker and the program is proven. The points made were relevant to my business. It reminded me of many things I knew but hadn’t prioritized in a long time. As business owners, it necessary to step back and look at our business from the outside and evaluate and re-evaluate everything we do. I have been struggling with making action plans that are measurable and creating key performance indicators. I look forward to further coaching and follow-up on this topic.” Kim Fjordbotten from the Paint Spot in Edmonton had this to say about the presentation

IF you are in the EDMONTON AREA

6 Steps to Massive Results Seminar – Tuesday, November 16 @ 7:00pm
ActionCOACH Edmonton Office: #202 12906-54 Street


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The Silver Lining Of A “Recession”

Brad Sugars, who founded the company I work for, is fond of saying that a recession affects you just as much as you let it.

Hard to disagree with that, when you read the article about Whistler Tasting Tours, yet another thriving western Canadian business.

They started their business during the real down times–Sep 2008.

And yet today they are thriving.


One–hard work. No business succeeds without it. Two, region. Entrepreneurs thrive in western Canada because a) they have to (by which I mean, no gov’t handouts like ON & PQ), & b) western provinces & cities are more business-friendly. E.g, you don’t have to get permission from the provincial legislature to open your patio past 8 pm on the weekends.

Don’t get me wrong. I know a lot of good, hardworking people were hard hit by the recession. You live somewhere that depends on the auto trade, like Oshawa or Windsor….obviously you know what I’m talking about.

What I am saying this: Dalziel & Facciola prove that there is still a place for hustle, initiative & hard work, even in the worst of times. They made a point of appealing to restaurants who themselves needed help attracting customers during their own lean months.

Customers get a great tour of some terrific restaurants.
Restaurants get new customers/referrals
Whistler Tasting Tours makes money

Everybody wins, I think.

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Business Coaching- Proof that it works!

Did you see this great article this last week in the Vancouver Sun?

Whenever I’m at a party or any other kind of social function, work often comes up. You know, “What do you do for a living?,” that kind of thing.

When I tell people I’m with actionCOACH Canada, I sometimes get blank stares.

“I’m a business coach,” I explain. Sometimes people nod neutrally.

So I go on to explain that many actors, athletes & performers have coaches; & so do many businesses.

“Ah,” they say. “Does it work?”

At the risk of sounding immodest, yes, it does.

One of my best coaches is Kyle Oberndorf in Vancouver. You can see the results of his work in the Vancouver Sun piece above.

The business he was coaching, Blue Top, used to have have losses close to $100k. Now they run in the black. They are even looking to expand. They are far from atypical; most of the businesses we coach have similar stories.

How did they do it? Call Me at ActionCOACH Canada 780-478-0790 for an app’t today!

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Sacramento Business Event

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Making Your Own Recovery

I based this blog on an article in the national post:

Ever read a piece in the paper & think—“Yes, that’s exactly it!!!!!”

I think Rick Spence could not be more right here: I have been saying this for years!

“I think the slogan of every entrepreneur should be: ‘I control what happens to me.'”

Bang on!

It’s so easy, when things get bad, to start laying blame elsewhere. The US economy is bringing us down. Housing starts are down. Interest rates are up. Rents & costs are going up, but customers want steeper discounts. Etc, etc.

Who hasn’t heard one of these, especially from a company that has coasted for a long time?

Meanwhile, you can’t help but notice….smart companies are doing just fine, thank you.

And why? Because they work harder than anyone else. They don’t complain about customers they’ve lost: they look for new ones. They talk to the customers they have ALL the time, to make sure they’re getting the service they want.

I’m the ML of ActionCOACH Canada. The founder of my company had this to say on a recent speaking tour in Canada:

“The “recession” will affect you as much as you let it.”

Again, I agree, & I tell this to all my coaches: “You have clients who will look for excuses during tough times. Don ‘t give them any. Tough times are when good businesses get even better.”

For more information on ActionCOACHES–our fees are very reasonable and now our work is guaranteed–see our website. We teach business owners to substitute plans for rationalizations.
Our clients succeed where others fail.

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Business: Can It Be Taught?

I based this blog on this piece in the Globe and mail

As the ML of ActionCOACH Canada, you might expect you would know my opinion on that—which I would say “Of course!”

But it’s not that simple.

I applaud the kind of program featured in this article, but I wonder–can business be taught?

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Obviously, the people at The Next 36 think so.

Let me be honest: not everyone can be in business. Business is simple and It’s not easy. If it were easy everyone would be doing it and be successful. Some people—& there is NOTHING wrong with this–need to be in steady, recession-proof jobs.

But some of us need a challenge. And being in business for yourself is certainly that.

When I take on a client, or advise one of my coaches, here is what I look for:

a) hustle.  Cliche, I know, but there are no entrepreneurs who don’t have enough hustle for 5 people.

b) nerves. Being in business for yourself is risky. Are you up to it?

c) cash reserves. Growing a new business takes time. Are there enough reserves on hand to compensate for a few lean years?

d) attitude. Are you willing to learn, esp. from your mistakes?

e) hustle. A repeat, I know. But entrepreneur=hard work. Lots of it.

Check out the ActionCOACH site to see if we are a good fit for you. Often what any struggling business really needs is good advice & encouragement. We’re the largest business coaching company in the world for a reason. Our clients succeed where others fail.

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The Marketing Dep’t–Can You Just Get Rid Of Them? ( Follow up to previous article)

To anyone in sales, marketing seems pretty easy. You sit around in meetings, wondering about customers.

You don’t go out & meet them yourself, that’s for sure. In Dilbert cartoons, marketers are always the butt of the jokes, drawing “experience” from hypothetical anecdotes about customers they heard about somewhere.

The truth? Well, for one, if you read my previous article you will understand why I’m so adamant about getting you to understand this point:
A good salesperson=a good marketer (And vice-versa.)

What do I mean by this?

At really successful companies, you don’t need a sales team, or marketing, for that matter. You just open the doors; the customers come in & buy what they want. (Amazon, ebay, as I’ve mentioned before. Or think of that restaurant down the street from you–the one that never advertises, but always has line-ups down the street.)

Now, for the rest of us, marketing & sales should work together. Effectively they are doing the same job. It is a marketer’s job to identify the niche your sales team can sell to.

Example? Sure.

Quite a few of my coaches live & work in Ottawa. They are always raving about a company there called Bridgehead Coffee, which within 3 years has become THE place to have coffee in Ottawa; everyone loves it. How did Bridgehead do this, in a city swamped by Tim Hortons, Second Cups & Starbucks?

Market research. They open in places where people want an alternative to the big chains. And then they sell great coffee at reasonable prices.

This is how it should always work–marketing passes the puck, sales scores the goal–everybody wins!

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