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Announcing the ActionCOACH 2011 Draft!!!

ActionCOACH Canada is taking their team in a new direction by offering Canadian entrepreneurs the chance to pick someone for one of 3 coveted spots on their business coaching team.

“Since we love hockey, and business coaching is very similar to sports coaching, we thought we would set up a draft that all interested Canadians could take part in so they could have the opportunity to make a difference in their life and the lives of business owners across the country,” says business expert Greg Kopchuk, who heads up ActionCOACH Canada.

In keeping with the sports theme Greg is offering each qualified draft pick a $5,000 signing bonus that they can do anything with.

The ActionCOACH Canada draft launches January 27th across the country, and people can submit their draft picks until February 18th to qualify for the $5,000 referral fee.  Player prospects should fit the following criteria:

  • Men and women  that have business experience or owned a business
  • People that are comfortable selling
  • Entrepreneurs and those that like helping other people succeed and who want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

“This event will be the first round of draft picks this year, and we are excited to see who comes out of the woodwork to become a franchise owner with our company, we are hoping some heavy hitters who are looking for some great opportunities will take a look at us rethink their careers,” says Kopchuk.

Greg Kopchuk heads up ActionCOACH Canada, the #1 business coaching firm in Canada. They work with established and emerging small and medium businesses. They are the winners of the CFA Bronze Award of excellence for non-traditional franchises.


For information on the ActionCOACH Draft visit
To learn about ActionCOACH Canada visit

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Check out our new website and Make a Difference

It’s 2011 and ActionCOACH Canada is ready for action. I’d like to invite everyone to our new website launching this week.

Please take a minute to check out and all the amazing business opportunities.

We want to hear from you, so if you have any comments or suggestions, drop me a line at


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Top Business Coaches of Canada

I’d like to congratulate all the ActionCOACH Business Coaches who are attending the Global Americas Conference in Las Vegas this week. Every coach in Canada worked hard in 2010, but there were a few that stood out from the rest.

Congratulations go out to:
Juan Folch- Coach of the Year Award for Ontario
Kyle Oberndorf- Coach of the Year Award for B.C.
Greg Stonehocker- Coach of the Year Award for AB
Ken Zelazny & Jamie Cunningham sharing the Coach of the Year for Canada Award

We had a fantastic year.  I’m looking forward to 2011 and working with new clients and coaches.

Congratulations everyone!


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“Why would I need a business coach? I already have my local bank manager.”

Yesterday I was on AB Prime Time. Got a lot of email from viewers, which was nice. (Popular show!)

It’s funny, most of the questions echoed what the host asked–why a business coach? Aren’t the tools for success available online or in books? And if I have any questions, won’t my bank help?”

Let me tackle the second question first.

Sure, the tools are out there. Great tools. Take the Spin Selling Fieldbook, by Neil Rackham: that book has taught me a lot about sales. But when you are starting out in business, do you have time to read every business book, looking for the gems? (Because a lot of business books are terrible.) Even if you have time to read them all, how do you know which tools to apply to YOUR business? Not every owner is created equal. That’s where a coach is so valuable–they’ve been where you are. So why a coach? Because you need someone who’s been where you are. And they can show you how to get to the next level.

As for your bank……short answer: no. In general your bank will only help you AFTER you no longer need them. As a rule, banks are not in business to help small business.

Let me provide chapter & verse, for those who think I’m being unfair.

When I first started out in sales, life was pretty tough. Every penny counted. So when some of my vendors paid me by check, I took them down to my local bank to deposit them right away. My friendly local bank, who never stopped telling me how much they loved small business, put a hold on each check, no matter how small the amount. The reasons changed–

–out of town
–out of province
–different bank
–out of country
–and my personal favorite, check was for more than was in my account

but the story was always the same, they always held the checks. For as long as they liked.

And the funny part? Now that I have more than enough money, they clear all the checks right away, no questions asked, no matter the amount. I never hear long stories anymore about the problems they have with “out of province” checks.

My point? (And I think my co-panelists from last night would agree.)

If you need help running your business, get a business coach. Don’t bother with your bank.

To view my appearance on Alberta Prime Time Click here:

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