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Join us for a game of LEVERAGE- a fun way to grow profits!

One of my coaches, Laurie McNaughton is looking for a great way to create excitement for business owners while they are learning to make a profit for their businesses. He’s found it, in the board game Leverage, and the business community in Edmonton are coming out in droves to play.

In about 3 hours, the game promotes fun and learning while strengthening the business formulas for growing profits. Leverage focuses on the 9 key areas for business success and fosters a business community by having people come out and physically play the game- not sitting on a couch at home. Board games for businesses have always been around, with games like PayDay, Monopoly, Acquire, Container, Tycoon and even the game Bankruptcy, but the trend of games that are specifically designed to help businesses create profits is relatively new. Brad Sugars the founder of ActionCOACH developed the game.

Business Board game nights are increasing in popularity as people look for other ways to connect with their clients and develop business tactics and strategies in an atmosphere of fun so that it’s not all about apps and blackberrys.

Laurie McNaughton is holding his next Leverage board game night March 3, 2011 from 6:00- 9:00pm at 12906-54 st, Edmonton, AB

To learn more about the game, or to register please call Laurie at 780-484-6988

or email him at

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Where Does All The Time Go?

If someone were to ask me, “Look, Greg, no offense, but….why do I need  a business coach??? We’re doing just fine, thanks. Sales were up last year & they’ll be up this year.” I’m never offended by this question. In fact I welcome it.

The more successful a business already is, the more I can help them.
Why? Time. We have all the same amount; every week; but it’s different for business owners.
If you have a regular, 9-5 job, no matter how hard it is, once it’s over, you can stop thinking about it. You leave or punch out at 5, & then you can stop thinking about work altogether. It’s not like that for business owners.
Which means most business owners, even the very best, spend most of their 12-hour days working IN their business, not ON their business.
Find a married couple with a successful small business & chances are you’ll find a married couple that hasn’t had a real holiday since the business opened.
What do I recommend? Here are some things to think about:

1. Set long term goals- craft a vision for your future
2. Determine your priorities-
3. Pose the question- “What is the best use of my time right now? Prioritize
urgent tasks vs ones you can do later
4. 4. Think ahead- planning time is never wasted time.
5. Write down your results. Do a “did do” list instead of a “to do” list. You’ll stay
motivated that way
6.Enjoy your free time- schedule time for rejuvenation


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Seizing the Day

Regular readers of my blog know that I don’t like to tell people what to do. Advice? Sure, I’ll happily offer my thoughts to people who ask, but generally, I avoid telling people what to do with their lives.

I do make an exception when people come to me, saying they want to start their own business….& what do they need to know?

I’ll have a whole chapter about this in my upcoming book, but for now, here’s a quick sketch of the fundamentals:

a) background: any business people in your family?
b) plans. That is, where do you want your business to be 5 years from now? 10 years? 20 years?
c) passion

I list passion last but of course it is (by far) the most important.


Because only a person with passion can make a business live. Otherwise it will be just like any old regular job, the kind you hoped to escape by being the boss.

Only people with passion make great cold callers. Only people with passion make good bold callers. (Bold callers? See my blog Apr x, 200x, for a definition.) Only people with passion will win customers over, make them take a chance with a new company.

Ever seen an interview with one of those profoundly successful people, in whatever area of life? (Business, music, politics, movies, whatever.) Those people BURN with passion. You can see it in their eyes–they are living their dream.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Don’t get me wrong–there are tons of other things to think about (financing, inventory, location, etc, etc). But your new enterprise, whatever product or service you are selling, will NOT succeed unless you are 100% committed, totally passionate about what you are doing.

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ActionCOACH Draft Closes TODAY

The Draft closes at the end of the day today Friday Feb 18th!

The draft has received close to 30 potential picks to date and it closes at midnight today! If you would like to help us find potential business coaches who want to make a difference in the lives of business owners by changing the way Canadian businesses operate for the better and earn yourself $5,000 then read on or go to

How can you get involved?

We are looking for great people who are driven, business savvy, and passionate who are looking for a change. If you know of someone who may make a great business coach or perhaps it could be you! Read on to see the options available to either nominate yourself as a draft pick for ActionCOACH or how you can become a talent scout and nominate someone to be a draft pick for ActionCOACH and the $5,000 referral fee we are offering! To date we have received 22 draft picks already and we are looking for more. For more details go to

If you qualify to become an ActionCOACH Business Coach during the Draft Pick promotion, you will receive a $5,000 marketing bonus the moment you get out of training.  Fast track your success by joining a team that wins many awards, including the 2010 “ActionCOACH Canada Award of Excellence for Franchisee Satisfaction” from the Canadian Franchise Association. For more details go to

One more option for you: Become an “ActionCOACH Talent Scout” and enter someone you know as your Draft Pick. If while you were reading and reviewing this someone you know clicked into your mind, enter them into the draft.  If they qualify and become a coach, you receive a 5,000 dollar cheque!  Simple as that. For more details go to

ActionCOACH Business Coach Draft Picks should fit the following basic criteria:

·         Men and women who get excited about watching others succeed

·         You have preferably been involved with running or owning a business.

·        Have a positive outlook on selling and realize it is a key factor to business success

·       Men and women who are looking to join an industry that is growing and thriving where they can reach their personal and financial goals

“This draft will be the first round of picks this year.  To date we have received 22 draft picks and are looking for more. We are excited to see who will make the cut to become an ActionCOACH Business Coach Franchise Partner,” says Kopchuk.

For information on the draft visit

” You will always miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Wayne Gretzky

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Customer service is one of those things everyone is in favour of but very few companies actually do something about.

Why? Three reasons:

–some companies don’t care
–some companies would like to care but say they don’t have the resources to do it
–some companies just say they care

In fact, really great customer service is so rare we often tell our friends about it–because it’s so exceptional! Kind of sad, in a way.

But the other day I received such great service from a local restaurant that I need to tell you about it. I have sent an email to all my coaches & clients, saying THIS is the level they need to strive for:

My wife  and  I were at the Keg Skyview –
A few minutes after our meal arrived our server, Michael, came by to ask how the meal was. I informed him that my steak appeared to be done medium well instead of medium. In Alberta, we know our steaks and we know how we like them cooked. I have sent back a steak several times in various restaurants because it hasn’t been cooked the way I like it.

So Michael took away the steak.

Several minutes later a fellow in a chef type white smock appears at our table. He introduces himself as the kitchen manager, and informs me that yes, my steak was overcooked and they have run into a problem. The T-bone was the special that night and they have run out of T-bones. He informs me that I can have any meal on the menu at the restaurant’s cost. Wow! So I order the filet mignon. Our server, Michael, reappears a few minutes later and also apologizes for the mistake. He asks if I would like another drink. I ask for some pop and he says–“It’s on the house.” Since my wife is almost finished her meal and he feels we should at least eat part of the meal together, he also informs us that we can have dessert on the house as well. So in the end with appetizers, drinks, meal and dessert the cost of the meal was about $45 because the restaurant overcooked my steak.

What’s my point?

This has to be the best example of proactive exceptional customer service I have seen in recent years. I didn’t have to ask for something. I didn’t have to ask a manager to throw me a bone because the service sucked.

In other words, they a) owned up to the problem and  then
b) did something about it.

How many of us business owners do that?

Food, if you’ll pardon the pun, for thought.


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Internet Billing- an ActionCOACH client speaks out

Well, although ActionCOACH wasn’t mentioned in the video for Global Edmonton at 6:00pm, they had one of our great clients, Chris Caldwell featured ( in our office on our computer). Chris, who is a web designer would certainly be affected by these changes.

Congrats Chris for speaking out against the CRTC.

Want to see the clip, visit:


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Greg Kopchuk to appear on Global Edmonton at 6:00pm MST

Business Expert Greg Kopchuk and on of his clients were interviewed today about the CRTC ruling and how it affects small business. He was interviewed for Global Edmonton news at 6:00pm and you can log onto to see the interview.

ActionCOACH Canada works with established and emerging businesses to make a difference in their lives and community.

Check it out tonight at 6:00pm MST!

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