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Have you heard?

One of our newest ActionCOACH Canada coaches is Mel Ruttan He’s hosting a 6 step seminar on June 7th to introduce himself and let everyone know about how they can better his business. Want to be part of it? Call RIGHT NOW- 1-888-478-0790 and we’ll give you all the details on how you can register for this great seminar! Seats are limited!

We’ll post more details on monday about this fabulous opportunity for you and your business!

Best, Greg

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Last Chance for signing up

Our second ActionCOACH Draft is now coming to a close- did you sign yourself up? Or maybe another person?

Don’t know what we are talking about? Visit here: and don’t miss out on this opportunity!!!


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Holistic Business Coaching: New ActionCOACH comes from a unique background

Edmonton, AB- You’ve heard of life coaches and new age coaches, but combining holistic nutrition with a love of business isn’t heard of often. But that’s exactly why the newest ActionCOACH Mel Ruttan of Edmonton wants to let people know about.

Mel is a Certified Management Accountant and Financial Planner as well as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  He was chosen from a select group of applicants in the first round of the 2011 ActionCOACH Draft.

“Health isn’t just about your body and mind, it’s also about nurturing your business and making sure that it also is going to grow and be healthy. There is nothing worse than working on your core emotional needs but neglecting the work environment and how it affects you. With my business expertise and compassion for health I’m excited to give businesses a new style of coaching,” says Mel, who is dedicated to giving back to a community that has supported him in his many careers.

Mel is known for his compassion and determination and knowledge in business. One of his clients said, “He has been very helpful in coaching me in three main areas of my life – his financial, health and spiritual – and his guidance has been invaluable. He has put my money where it is safe and growing, he has kept me healthy and healed my aches and pains and he has also helped me to meditate on the important things in life. I cannot imagine a future for me without his leadership and guidance”- Margaret McCallum- Investment Business.

Mel is now just finished training for the ActionCOACH franchise and is setting up business in the Edmonton Area.

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Can you take your business all the way?

Well, it’s here. One more game for the Vancouver Canucks and they will be in the Stanley Cup Final. It’s great to see a Canadian team so close to succeeding. I get excited about hockey almost as much as I get excited about seeing business owners succeed. I’ve been running the ActionCOACH Draft for the last few weeks and it’s coming down to the final week or so for entrepreneurs and business owners to decide if they are going for the cup, or are going to end up staying on the bench.

It’s simple really. If you know someone that you think could make a great leader, wants to give back to the community, and is looking for a business challenge, send them our way. Our last two draft selections Kevin Savoy and Mel Ruttan earned a $5,000.00 dollar bonus for signing up and being selected out of over 50 entries. They are starting fresh out of the gate with their new businesses- helping other business owners streamline and fine tune their life’s work.

As the hockey season comes to a close,  the excitement surrounding it is reaching a fever pitch. Tell all your friends about the ActionCOACH Draft– you and your community will be glad you did!

Greg and the ActionCOACH Canada team

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Lethbridge ActionCOACH Rewards Successful Businesses with Awards Ceremony

Lethbridge, AB– Every day, in every major city across Canada, we see “For Lease” or “For Sale” signs on local businesses on every major street; with rents going up, local businesses are finding it tougher & tougher to survive.

Still, some local businesses thrive, even during the hardest times. Local business expert Greg Stonehocker knows what makes a business thrive: “Above all, a passion for excellence. You have to want to be the best, to really be the only viable option for your customers. Competition will always be fierce. What will set you apart? That’s why I gave out these awards to Alberta business owners—they are showing that anything is possible!”

At the Awards ceremony the Mastery Award was given to Russ Gallant, owner of Water Proofing Roofing Ltd: Russ used to let his business run him, instead of the other way round. Now revenue is up 200% from 2008 & his golf game has never been better. Getting off the roof and working “ON” the business turned out to be the key.

The Leverage Award was given to Gerrit & Jane Bezooyen, of Bezooyen Contracting. Greg gave them this award because Gerrit was recently appointed as the local Canadian Home Builders Association President, which has increased his already busy schedule. We put a plan in place and a system to hire a new person, allowing him to leverage his time and resources.

The Team Award was given to the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge: over the past 2.5 years they have consistently upgraded their systems & procedures to make their staffing 100% better. Trever Broadhead, their general director, made incredible strides.

Greg spoke to Trevor, who said “It validates all of the hard work we have been putting forth to achieve our strategic objectives. For the first time in 2 ½ years I feel like we have the best team structure in place, with the most qualified and enthusiastic team members.”

Greg went on to say: “Finally, the Focus Bat Award goes to the company that shows the most significant results and consistent effort over the past 90 days. It was a real privilege to give this to Rudy & Stella Reger, of EnergySmart Canada, who have shown incredible resolve to make things better. Among other things, they have implemented a number of Sales, KPI, Marketing Systems, have hired a General Manager, renegotiated financing and inventory levels. Business in Alberta is booming–& owners like Rudy & Stella are showing us the way!”

For more information about how and ActionCOACH can help your business contact

Greg Stonehocker at ActionCOACH Lethbridge Call (403) 360-9173 or (403) 524-3636 or email at


To book an interview contact:
Rachel Sentes, Publicist 604-366-7846

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ActionCOACH Canada Rock Guitarist is latest Franchise Owner

Ottawa, ON- ActionCOACH Canada’s latest entry into the ActionCOACH business franchise is Kevin Savoy, guitarist in the band Yesterday’s Tomorrow, a tight rock cover band out of Ontario.

Savoy, a seasoned veteran of the high tech and sales management industry was chosen from a selected group of applicants in the first round of the 2011 ActionCOACH Draft. A family man living in Oxford Mills, Kevin is active in the community as a volunteer hockey coach, baseball coach, and a member of the Knights of Columbus Chapter 5333.

“I was at that point in my life where I wanted to take the challenge of being a business owner and start giving back to the community. I had a successful career in Sales management and when this opportunity to be a help others as part of ActionCOACH presented itself, it was a natural fit. I’m eager to be part of this small business revolution,” says Savoy.

Kevin is known for his energy on and off the stage and as a former colleague of his said, “He always engaged his audience and was able to connect with people so easily. I find this to be one of Kevin’s best attributes…He also has an innate business sense and will make a great business coach.  With my interaction with him I was able to grow my business significantly as did my co-workers,” said Lynn Gillman of Avnet-Memec Corp.

Kevin is now entering training for the ActionCOACH franchise and will soon be setting up business in the Kemptville, Brockville and Ottawa area.

For more information about ActionCOACH Canada and the ActionCOACH Draft, visit and


To book an interview contact
Rachel Sentes, Publicist


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Superstars stepping up for the final stretch of the ActionCOACH Draft

The competition just got tighter when several extremely talented candidates registered for the Fantasy AcitonCOACH Draft today. One candidate stated “ I have what it takes to not only be a great coach, but the best coach. I am a tremendiously driven individual and have a great balance of persuasiveness and customer satisfaction.” Sounds like just what ActionCOACH is looking for. What superstar quality do you have??

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Eastern Conference vs Western Conference- which team are you pulling for?

The ActionCOACH draft is in full swing- which team are you looking to belong on? ActionCOACH Kyle Oberndorf is hoping to bring his Vancouver team to the forefront in helping businesses succeed, while ActionCOACH Grant Mellow in Ottawa wants to trounce the East and get his team to the top place. Just like the NHL Draft, the ActionCOACH Draft is looking for top players to take their teams to the top. Now’s your chance. Visit and make nominate your pick today.

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The ActionCOACH draft attracts top coaches for franchise opportunities- are you one of them?

Coaches can be practiced in may different capacities-  as a leader for Girl Scouts, a Sunday School teacher, a camp counselor, a retail manager, a sports coach, and of course, a coach for business. One of our past candidates- Cathy from Alberta said “ Every person has value and deserves to have others invest in them, helping them to succeed.” That’s what the ActionCOACH draft is seeing to find. People who get excited when others achieve their dreams. Have you fulfilled your purpose in life yet? If you are passionate about success and helping other succeed, or you know someone who is- then nominate yourself or someone else as a Draft Pick- only 3 spots left in this round!!

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Are you watching??

Edmonton is leading the way in the NHL draft picks, and also in the picks to become a member of the ActionCOACH team. Are you innovative, adaptable and fearless? Are you passionate about coaching for success in business amidst complex challenges and change? Now is your chance to be affiliated with ActionCOACH by registering in the Fantasy draft. Let’s keep Edmonton in the forefront of the draft by nominating someone today.

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