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Can Vancouver take the series? Can your ActionCOACH draft pick succeed?

Vancouver Canucks

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The Playoffs are heating up with Tuesday being the do or die day for the Vancouver Canucks, and the days are getting shorter for you to pick your draft picks for the Fantasy Coach draft pick. 

There is no space for the weak minded when it comes to professional hockey teams and professional business coaches. Business is like sports; without a great coach, the team fails.

One of our Talent Scouts from the Q1 Draft told us why he picked one of his friends to be a coach:

“He has run a very successful business for years and would make a fantastic coach!  His dedication is unparalleled.”

And guess what? That’s exactly what we are looking for.  Go ahead, find out how entering your ActionCOACH Draft Pick is the best move you can make!!

Are you someone who is driven, business savvy, and passionate?  Can you see yourself being a key part of your business community’s success by showing them how to run a commercial profitable business? Learn More

“The first round of picks resulted in many draft picks with 4 prospects bidding for the open 3 spots for that pick.  We are excited to see who will make the cut to become an ActionCOACH Business Coach Franchise Partner this round!”

  -Greg Kopchuk, ActionCOACH Canada Owner and Master Licensee

The ActionCOACH Business Coaching Draft Pick, Learn More

ActionCOACH Business Coach Draft Picks should fit the following basic criteria: 

  •  Men and women who get excited about watching others succeed
  • Men and women who are looking to make a difference in the exciting new frontier of business coaching
  • You have preferably been involved with running or owning a business.
  • Have a positive outlook on selling and realize it is a key factor to business success
  • Men and women who are looking to join an industry that is growing and thriving where they can reach their personal and financial goals.

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