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The Team of ActionCOACH Canada are posting their favourite business tips here to benefit you- the business owner!

8 Tips for taking a vacation and not losing customers

  • Let the customer know that the owner will be going away and who to contact while away
  • Inform the contact person that they are the “one’ to contact the customers if issues arise
  • Take the backup person around to and introduce them to the top clients
  • Schedule meetings with top clients a week or two before you leave and then again a week or two after, so they feel they are a priority.
  • Resolve that you can’t do anything about whatever arises until you get home so resolve to relax.
  • Tale extra care when hiring good people, and make sure you have good systems in place so that you know for the most part things will be done correctly.
  • Understand that mistakes will happen and that if you have the right systems and people in place it will mitigate any real damage
  • Spend some time each day in quiet meditation

– Contributed by ActionCOACH Kent Boehm in Calgary and ActionCOACH Laurie McNaughton in Edmonton

How to overcome Sales Fear

Overcoming sales fear is a matter of examining the story you are telling yourself. When you have crippling fear, the odds are you are telling yourself a very disempowering story and the truth is … it is a lie.

Most people who have fear around selling is because of the following two scenarios:

1)      They feel discouraged and a blow to the ego when people say no (rejection) – so they avoid selling altogether;

2)      They don’t want to come across as a pushy sales person flogging their product – so they do it very timidly and get below average results.

Your new story should be:

If you truly believe your product or service is valuable and will benefit others, then unless you get out there and promote/market/sell it, you won’t be helping anyone! So in fact by not selling you are actually doing people a dis-service.  Of course there will be those who can not see the benefit as clearly as you and for now will say no. Unless you are willing to hear these people say no, you will never hear those who see it as you do to say ‘yes’.

The more people you speak with, the more that will say yes. The more that say yes, the more people they will tell and eventually you will get momentum in your word of mouth marketing! And that is where the magic happens.

Contributed by ActionCOACH Jamie Cunningham in Cambridge Ontario

How to find the right employee for your small Business

  • Look for attitude first. If you find talented/hardworking people hire them right away. And they are out there if employers put effort into recruiting them
  • Offer to give them the skills they need- that way you’ll get the employee you want and skills that will benefit your business
  • Don’t hire skills over attitude. One person with hustle is worth ten people who don’t care
  • Check references so many small businesses just hire based on an in person interview. You MUST check their references; it will save you time and money in the long run.

Contributed by Master Licensee Greg Kopchuk and visit his website att .

Tips for Instant Referrals

What’s the top reason for referrals? Excellent Customer Service!
You need to understand that customers expect to be satisfied when making contact with any business. they have a need to be satisfied so what happens next will determine the lasting impression they have of your business.

First step is to create a RAVING FAN
– think of things to get your clients talking. Brainstorm. Consult your salespeople. Think outside the box.

-Keep your eyes open and watch what other businesses are doing and keep innovating. Customers expect you to keep getting better.

Raving fans are people who can’t stop talking about you.

Get Clear on who your Target Market is- age, sex, income, where they live, and who is your ideal customer. This is a no brainer! If you don’t have a target market you are going to fail!!!

Contributed by Master Licensee Greg Kopchuk

Brad Sugars is the Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH …

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